Aircraft services

Terminal services


We currently successfully operate secure cleaning for a number of airlines around the world. We guarantee airlines the highest standard of cleaning along with a precise and faultless secure search to ensure the aircraft is left clean and safe.


Currently, over 25 airlines employ us to clean there aircraft. In the UK at present, we clean around 75 aircraft per day across 3 airports. We provide the highest quality and airlines are assured we operate to the highest professionalism when turning round your aircraft safely, efficiently and cleanly.

Lost Luggage

We currently operate lost luggage services in Belfast City Airport (BHD). Losing items when travelling through airports is a largely distressing experience. Our airport left luggage service ensures passengers experience the smoothest experience when the unfortunate situation arises.


Along with aircraft cleaning over 25 airlines around the world employ us to operate the toilet and water services on their aircraft. We assure all airlines the highest professionalism and operate in a safe and efficient way throughout the services.

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